Focusing in Employment Law, Estate Planning, and general civil litigation matters throughout the state of Texas.






-Title VII ( Race/Ethnicity/Religion/Gender )
-Discrimination / Retaliation
-Americans with Disabilities
-Age Discrimination
-USERRA claims
-Separation Agreement Optimization
-Non-Compete Agreements
-Non-Solicitation Agreements
-Non-Disclosure Agreements
-Employer Compliance


-Last Will & Testament
-Durable Power of Attorney
-Medical Power of Attorney
-HIPAA Authorization
-Physician’s Directive
-Guardianship in case of later Incapacity
-Disposition of Remains
-Small Estate Administration
-Intestacy (absence of a Will)
-Will probate
-Trust / Estate planning


-Deceptive Trade Practices violations
-Contractual disputes
-Entity selection & formation
-Entity Operating Agreements
-Civil Litigation Defense
-Uniform Commercial Code
-Workplace harassment


-Automobile Accidents
-Motorcycle Accidents
-Trucking Accidents
-Defective Products
-Personal Injury
-Premises Liability
-Dog bites
-Slip & Fall Accidents


-Limited Durable Powers of Attorney

-Guardianship of incapacitated minors -Guardianship of incapacitated adults

-Powers Of Attorney over incapacitated adults
-Certified Ad Litem for the state of Texas

         OUR VISION         

 Our office is a boutique firm dedicated to meeting the civil & commercial needs of our clientele. Though the balance of our work is in pursuit of Plaintiff’s claims and concerns, we offer a defensive shield to our clients when the occasion arises as well. Regardless of the nature of the service, it is Mr. Frachtman’s goal to see his client’s needs met in a timely fashion and to the best of his ability. The legal process can be a lengthy and complex journey - and it is our intent to help our clients navigate with informed decisions, close communication, and their best interests in mind.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Julian is dedicated to zealously representing his clients.

Mr. Frachtman is aware of how difficult it can be to maintain contact between clients and attorneys at larger firms. To that end, it is our policy to maintain close contact with the client, offering affirmative status updates regarding the case, and giving the client peace of mind throughout the legal process, regardless of the matter.

The Law office of H. Julian Frachtman prides itself on consistent communication with clients. When you call regarding your matter, you will either speak with Mr. Frachtman immediately, or he will call you back that same day.




          H. Julian Frachtman is a native Houstonian, and 4th generation Texan, born and bred.  After attending The Kinkaid School, Mr. Frachtman went on to undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin, obtaining his B.A. with a double major in History & English.  Prior to leaving college, Mr. Frachtman began working at the 133rd Civil District Court, in Houston.  After working for the Court for over a year, Julian went on to clerk for several other law firms before finally deciding to attend law school himself.

          Mr. Frachtman obtained his Juris Doctorate at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2013.  As of 2014, Julian has owned and operated his own solo legal practice focusing on Employment Law, representing both employers and employees.  Julian enjoys giving back to his community by volunteering for non-profit organizations, mentoring young professionals and students, and coaching law school students in preparation for the Bar exam. His passions include lifting, cooking, martial-arts, public speaking, historical fiction, golf, and scotch.

        -Member of the Houston, Austin County, & Washington County Bar Associations
        -Volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo since 2008
        -Licensed to practice in the Federal Southern District of Texas
        -Licensed Attorney & Counselor at Law in the State of Texas

        -Certified Attorney Ad Litem for the State of Texas
        -Member of the Round Top Chamber of Commerce

        -Notary Public for the State of Texas
        -Texas Exes Life Member



        Julian has several close friends who are First Responders, as well as Active and Former Military personnel.

In fact, H. Julian Frachtman is named after his grandfather who was himself a doctor, and served as a Colonel in the United States Army during World War II. In an effort to respect and support those individuals who protect our daily safety and freedom, the Frachtman Law Office has instituted a permanent 50% reduction* for all complete Wills packages for First Responders, Law Enforcement, & Military personnel, as well as their spouses.

         Documents included in a complete Will package include: (1) Last Will & Testament, (2) HIPAA Authorization, (3) Medical Power of Attorney, (4) Durable Power of Attorney, (5) Physician’s Directive, (6) Guardianship in the case of Later Incapacity, and (7) Disposition of Remains. This reduction applies to all major documents within the package, as well as a 50% reduction in the cost of editing the will in the future.

         In conjunction with this reduction, The Frachtman Law Office offers free permanent storage of the Will and all associated documents, as well as free copies of such documents on demand. *[This does not include any language regarding demand, formation, or creation of Trusts for minor children.] All cases concerning current or former Military Working Dogs sought state-side by their former handlers, or any type of Service Dog, are also permanently reduced by 50%.

         It is our aim to show gratitude and respect for the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit. To that end the above reductions will always be available at our law office with proof of active or former LEO/EMT/EMS/FIRE First Responder Status through the state of Texas, or any DD 214, NGB Form 22, or CAC card for current or former military personnel. We do not discriminate between service branches; Marines, Air Force, Army, and Navy are welcome.
(*Marines have insisted that National Guard & Coast Guard don’t count*)


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