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        Julian has several close friends who are First Responders, as well as Active and Former Military personnel.

In fact, H. Julian Frachtman is named after his grandfather who was himself a doctor, and served as a Colonel in the United States Army during World War II. In an effort to respect and support those individuals who protect our daily safety and freedom, the Frachtman Law Office has instituted a permanent 50% reduction* for all complete Wills packages for First Responders, Law Enforcement, & Military personnel, as well as their spouses.

         Documents included in a complete Will package include: (1) Last Will & Testament, (2) HIPAA Authorization, (3) Medical Power of Attorney, (4) Durable Power of Attorney, (5) Physician’s Directive, (6) Guardianship in the case of Later Incapacity, and (7) Disposition of Remains. This reduction applies to all major documents within the package, as well as a 50% reduction in the cost of editing the will in the future.

         In conjunction with this reduction, The Frachtman Law Office offers free permanent storage of the Will and all associated documents, as well as free copies of such documents on demand. *[This does not include any language regarding demand, formation, or creation of Trusts for minor children.] All cases concerning current or former Military Working Dogs sought state-side by their former handlers, or any type of Service Dog, are also permanently reduced by 50%.

         It is our aim to show gratitude and respect for the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit. To that end the above reductions will always be available at our law office with proof of active or former LEO/EMT/EMS/FIRE First Responder Status through the state of Texas, or any DD 214, NGB Form 22, or CAC card for current or former military personnel. We do not discriminate between service branches; Marines, Air Force, Army, and Navy are welcome.
(*Marines have insisted that National Guard & Coast Guard don’t count*)

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