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 Our office is a boutique firm dedicated to meeting the civil & commercial needs of our clientele. Though the balance of our work is in pursuit of Plaintiff’s claims and concerns, we offer a defensive shield to our clients when the occasion arises as well. Regardless of the nature of the service, it is Mr. Frachtman’s goal to see his client’s needs met in a timely fashion and to the best of his ability. The legal process can be a lengthy and complex journey - and it is our intent to help our clients navigate with informed decisions, close communication, and their best interests in mind.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Julian is dedicated to zealously representing his clients.

Mr. Frachtman and Ms. Lemon are aware of how difficult it can be to maintain contact between clients and attorneys at larger firms. To that end, it is our policy to maintain close contact with the client, offering affirmative status updates regarding the case, and giving the client peace of mind throughout the legal process, regardless of the matter.  The Law Office of H. Julian Frachtman prides itself on consistent communication with clients. When you call regarding your matter, you will speak to Ms. Lemon directly or she will call you back that same day.

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